Aerial Sand Loader

No. 800-5 Aerial Sand Loader

Source: "Tonka", Dennis David, Lloyd Laumann 2004. (page. 48)

A very unusual toy, the No. 800-5 Aerial Sandloader, made its debut at the 1955 New York Toy Fair. Realistic features were the appeal of this toy as it was modeled from the overhead loaders used on the Lake Superior ore docks in northern Minnesota. The loader was designed to pick up and handle small rocks, pebbles, and marbles. Design work began on this loader in 1952, but the cost of steel and the intensive labour involved prohibited production at the time. Steel was substituted with aluminium, and the loader was ready for production.    

(From left to right: Gert Ogitziak, Agnes Stoltman en Lynn E. Baker -one of the three founders of Tonka)

It was sold along with the No. 180-5 Dump Truck, but the set is rarely found intact because of its many parts. 

It was a toy with a complex chain system that could easily be misplaced or malfunction. Tonka collector have paid handsomely to add one of these in good condition.


Like several other types of diecast Tonka cars they evolve in time. This particular piece comes with 2 different decalls which gives an indication of its year of production. The nice pictures of the box and Sandloader set came with following decall:

The first sets came with this decall:

Although I'm not sure I expect the grill of the dumptruck also to show slight differences. Please check out other sites for more accurate estimates of dates and information. You will find them at my "interesting links". 

This specific item has recently (+/- sommer 2005) been auctioned at eBay and the final bid was more then $900,- !!!

Another used one has been sold last march 2006 for about $400,-.