Hasbro – Tonka

Can't leave them out. The official Hasbro - Tonka website 

Hasbro – Tonka : 

Fun zone (games etc)

Dito but now linked to their Tonka on-line game zone. Nice for the kids.

eBay - Tonka world wide

Take a look at the approx. 3500-4000 world wide Tonka items on this auction site.

eBay - (Discussion) Groups (TIP) eBay is not only a platform for selling and buying but also to meet other Tonka Toy enthusiasts in discussion groups. Find here three active communities.

Sandy’s Vintage Tonkas (TIP) 

No maintenance any more but still a must see!


Nice site.

Neat old toys

Great site with historical facts. 


Nice site.

Toy decals

To get spare parts and decals for restauration purposes. (also on eBay)

Tonka Land

Nice site.

Kingbotz (new) From Mighty Tonka to Transformer Robot. Check this out!

Allied Van Lines

Nice if you own an Allied Truck.

Allied Van Lines 75 anniversary book (TIP) When Allied existed about 75 years they publised a 75 year anniversary book with very nice historical pictures.
Streater Where it all started! Nowedays producer of store fixtures and shelves.