It should be big fun to own a genuine Tonka sign yourself. Unfortunately they are not offered frequently and if you can find one the price is about $1.500,-. Frequently on eBay there are auctions of neon signs, made in asia for  +/- $10,- + $30,- shipment and handling. But it's not the real thing. At such a moment books are handy. In "Tonka" from Dennis David en Lloyd Lauman a leaflet is shown on which is described what Tonka did to promote itself. A sign for stores was one of these ways. 

Although the original measures about 4 ft (+/- 120 cm) on the left side you will find a rework of this sign. I used the original from the book. The original used two chains to display. 

By clicking on the sign and use "save as" you download this. Remove the blue corners.

In the same book a newspaper artical shows a picture of the former production facility (the old schoolhouse). You may notice the sign here stating "General Office". On this picture a simular logo is used as you can find on the older 40's and 50's toys. This logo has been used to make a replica of this sign. See underneath for the result. A nice detail are the three seaguls which represent the three founders (Lynn E. Baker, Avery F. Crounse en Alvin F. Tesch).

By clicking on the sign and use "save as" you download this and use for your own pleasure. Stick it on cardboard for extra stability.

Recently offered on eBay a sign from around 1950.