GoBots / Transformers


Recently (september 30 - october 1, 2006) the "Transformer BotCon 2006" convention was held in Lexington, Kentucky. So, what has this to do with Tonka Toys you wonder. Transformers were introduced in 1984, initialy as "GoBots". (GoBots commercial).After the introduction Tonka hired Hanna-Barbera to create a series of cartoon shows to air during "GoBot week". Not very long after this more episodes were created and as far as I know the "Transformers" were born. (source: "Tonka" - David & Laumann)

1st Place Diorama - Shane Maddox
"G-1 Devastator / Project 3/21 "

It was beginning october 2006 when I saw a very special auction at eBay.com. Shane Maddox brought  Transformer Mighty Tonka to my attention. After visiting his web site (www.kingbotz.com) I can only say his award winning "G-1 Devastator / Project 3/21 " is truly the most extra ordinary piece of customization of Tonka Toys I've seen till this day. Time to show you why ...!




Note: Project 3/21 is near the size of an adult

I count 6 Mighty Tonkas:

 Excavator / Crane / Dozer / Loader / Cement Truck / Dump Truck