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Tonka color plates

Following scetches have been taking form, Tonka Construction 2 software and Tonka Dig 'N Rigs software.

Have fun!


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Tonka software

First Tonka software have been developed by Atari. For several games you have to place something on top of your keyboard to get started. (Tonka Workshop and Tonka Dig 'N Rigs). It has been said that the Tonka Dig 'N Rigs console can be used for other Tonka software to drive your truck but you have to make some adjustments in the settings. Where???

Underneath you will find links to sites where you can download several trial versions. I can highly recommend Construction 2. The intro is pretty magnificant. The trial software is valid for only 3 times of playing. Unfortunately I couldn't get Monstertrucks 1 to work. For the youngest kids Tonka developed "Tonka Town". 



Click on the picture and select "save as".



1) Sounds of Tonka trucks

2) Download a free trial of  Tonka Construction 2 (155 Mb!)

3) Play Tonka Construction On Line (didn't work for me)

4) Download a trial version of Tonka Monstertrucks 1 (400 Mb!)