Tonka alive!

What have the following two in common?


Mighty Dump #900

Source: "Tonka", Dennis David, Lloyd Laumann 2004. -pg 88

One of the most important chapters in Tonka's history is the was the introduction in 1965 of the bright yellow Tonka 900, also known as the Mighty Dump. Till this day the Mighty Dump is still in production although its apperance changed over time.

Initiator was Charlie Groschen who got the idea while looking at a picture of a truck used at the open pit mines in South America. Development started in the summer of 1963. The first Mighty Dump rolled of the assembly line on March 1964. Its design didn't change much till the first six months of 1983. 

Today the Mighty Dump is stil 'alive', and I mean ... alive!




Welcome to the USA! 

Source: Web site Hasbro

You folks in the USA are pretty luck to get the change looking at a real live Might Dump. Hasbro/Tonka came up with the idea to sponser truck races but this was obviously not enough. They had to build a Mighty Dump on 'true' scale.

Its specifications:


Hasbro has decided to go on tour for several months. If you like to know where to go to, please check out:

I took the liberty to place pictures and a trailer beneath. If you like to see the commercials, please check out this web site.